Tianma Consulting


Expert for Holistic Transformation

The success of our clients is our focus.
We analyze holisticly the entire company, from the product to the service, the value chain and the image.
Our innovative digital toolbox enables companies to implement the transformation seamlessly.
We guide our clients through the corporate transformation process with our expert knowledge.
Our advisory services often involves complex tasks.
That’s why we offer a comprehensive service with leading experts from the diverse fields.
We leave no one behind. Our service is people-centered transformation consulting.
We cover a broad spectrum of consulting services,
  • Exclusive business analysis
  • Lean transformation process management
  • Process optimization and digitalization specification analysis
  • Development of innovative technologies
  • Strategy and implementation of cutting-edge technologies
  • Business transformation architecture
  • Introduction of lean, agile process optimization tools
  • AI-supported Six Sigma management
  • Human-centered AI solutions
  • Investment and financing consulting
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