Tianma Consulting

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Who we are

Tianma Consulting is an international consulting service based in Berlin.
Tianma is the symbol of the celestial horse and is characterized by its speed and endurance.
Historically, the Tianma horse was responsible for transportation on the ancient Silk Road.
We are a niche specialist, which is why we call it boutique consulting services.
Led by Christiane Isenberg, Lean Six Sigma OpEx expert and enthusiastic technology consultant.
Many years of industry experience in leadership positions and speaker at international conferences.
Our paradigm “Thinking Outside the Box” and “Focusing on Innovation” form the basis for our success.
We are a sparring partner and companion.
Our service focuses on innovative transformation and investment consulting.
At Tianma Consulting, we offer cultural, technological and educational consulting and investment.
Our clients come from the service sector and the manufacturing industry.
You can find information about our services here.
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