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AI Developers Conference

Tianma Consulting was invited guest speaker

The future of artificial intelligence is closely related to the future of mankind. The speed and the good and evil of science and technology are determined by human beings themselves.
The conference focused on the themes AI Education, Technology & Applications, Smart Industry and Industry & Economy.
The AIIA Artificial Intelligence Developers Conference is the most innovative industry event in the field of artificial intelligence in China. It aims to better implement the relevant policy requirements and to promote  artificial intelligence in technology, industry and ecological construction. And to promote the deep exchange and cooperation of industry, academia and research.


Tianma Consulting & German Hidden Champions

Tianma Consulting took part in the German business delegation trip to China. The delegation trip was under the theme of German Hidden Champion companies and was organized by CIPA Germany. The event took representatives of leading German companies across China and facilitated exchange on investment projects with local businesses and economic developers.
Tianma Consulting, introduced how German Education Institutes can support the Economic Development in China during the Forum for German-Chinese Investment Cooperation and Hidden Champions in Chengdu and Chongqing, and took part in networking on Hidden Champions’ Scientific Education Development in China during the forum.


Symposium for Emerging Information Technology

In today’s society, information technology is changing with each passing day. Digital, network, intelligent and mobile development have changed the way of competition of enterprises, changed the development pattern of the industry, changed the governance model of public management, and produced extensive and far-reaching effects on the economy and society. The impact will also promote the revolutionary development of management disciplines.
In order to further exchange ideas, inspire wisdom, promote consensus, and promote innovation in management disciplines, the School of Economics and Management, China’s leading university, Beijing University  hosted the International Symposium on Emerging Information Technology and Management Innovation.
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Technology Industry Development Summit

The ‘Sino-Germany Science and Technology Industry Development Summit Forum’ was held in Beijing. The forum was organized by the China Development Zone Association.
The summit topic was the exchange of the German – China industrial cooperation, especially for life sciences, biotechnology, industry 4.0, vocational education and overseas investment promotion.
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Trade Management

Worldwide discussions are underway regarding the future of foreign trade and free trade agreements.
Germany and China celebrated in 2011 the opening of the North Silk Road, which started originally in Chongqing and terminated in Duisburg city, at Duisport the biggest inland port in the world.
Read an exclusive interview with the CEO of Duisport by Christiane Isenberg.
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Successful M&A Deals

In Germany, a fierce discussion is underway regarding the increasing share of foreign investors in the M&A market.
Recently, German company KUKA has been making headlines since China’s Midea Group acquired a majority stake in it.
Read an exclusive interview with the EY M&A Partner by Christiane Isenberg.
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