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AI Technology

AI Developer Conference (AIIA)

Speaker at AIIA Artificial Intelligence Developers Conference the most innovative industry event in the field of artificial intelligence in China. We spoke about our newly developed platform GigaAI – AI powered Vocational Education Training (VET).
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Hidden Champion

Christiane Isenberg took part in the German business delegation trip to China and introduced how German Technology, Science and Education can support the Economic Development in China.


AI Ethics

Speaker at the School of Economics and Management, China’s leading university, Beijing University for Post and Telecommunications hosted the International Symposium on Emerging Information Technology and Management Innovation.
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Smart Industries

The ‘Sino-Germany Science and Technology Industry Development Summit Forum’ was held in Beijing. The forum was organized by the China Development Zone Association.
The summit topic was the exchange of the German – China industrial cooperation, especially for life sciences, biotechnology, industry 4.0, vocational education and overseas investment promotion.
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Logistic Trends

The future of foreign trade and free trade agreements. The North Silk Road terminates in Duisburg at Europes biggest inland port. Exclusive interview with the CEO of Duisport.
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Investment Trends

Foreign investment in Europe and Germany. Advice by China M&A professional, for Technology Investors.
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