Tianma Consulting




  • Bringing together investments and leading technologies
  • Offering expertise in the areas of technology, science and education consulting
  • Supporting the digital transformation process and specialize in smart industries
  • Developing innovative technologies and business solutions is our strength
  • We make important contributions to increase the success and achievement of our customers’ goals!
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  • Specialist in process optimization and digitization
  • Experienced in investment and business development
  • Support the development of innovative technologies and acquisition of valuable know-how
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Beyond 360°


  • We belief in the value of change!
  • Lifelong learning and continuous process optimization
  • Exploration of new business areas and technological solutions
  • Investing in progress is an integral part of our work
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Sharing Knowledge


  • We regularly report on global innovations
  • We research new trends and work with leading scientists
  • Guest speakers at symposia, conferences and universities
  • We offer individual workshops on innovative topics
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  • We share our knowledge with an audience of over 1.5 billion people
  • We work on all continents and in all languages ​​without barriers
  • Contact us for more information
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