Tianma Consulting

About us

Who we are

Tianma-Consulting is a cross-border consulting service based in Berlin.
We are a niche specialist, that’s why we name it Boutique Consulting Service.
Lead by Christiane Isenberg, manager with many years of industry experience in executive positions and speaker at international conferences. 
At Tianma Consulting we combine with expertise and know-how sciences, technology, education and investment. This includes exclusive company analyses, advice on subsidies and investments, as well as M&A from match-making to the final transaction.
The success of our customers is our focus.
Our customers are from the service- and production industry.
We cover a wide range of consulting services, read more at Service.
We support and accompany our customers in the lean business transformation process and support our client’s fitness for the next level of technological change.
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What does Tianma mean?
Tianma is a Chinese name for heavenly horse, in Chinese it is 天馬. It is a symbol of speed and endurance. Historically, Tianma was a mode of transportation on the ancient silk route between China and the West.